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Spousal Support

     In New York State, a person can be ordered to pay or to receive spousal support, also known as maintenance and alimony, which is awarded to maintain a standard of living established during the marriage. It is awarded in a form of monetary payment, usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


     There are a number of factors that determine a person’s need for amount and duration of maintenance. Courts determine spousal support based on the earnings (or the ability to earn)

of each spouse and then use factors, such as, age, ability to earn, heath, education level, etc., to apply to each individual case. 


     There are different types of maintenance: temporary support

paid during the pendency of the divorce case and permanent support, awarded at the conclusion of the divorce/support case. Permanent spousal support is also called post-divorce maintenance.


     New York State law provides guidelines in calculating spousal support on temporary and permanent basis. The courts are obligated to first apply the formula unless the result of the calculation is “unjust or inappropriate.”


    If you have further questions or need guidance in your divorce proceeding or support matter, to gain a further understanding of your rights, call the Tepermayster Law Group, P.C. today to book a consultation 845-457-1118  or email Milana Tepermayster, Esq., has an extensive background and expertise to explain in depth the support provisions of the New York State maintenance guidelines that may affect your case.

Milana Tepermayster, Esq

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