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     Family Court proceedings differ from that of the Supreme Court (where the divorce proceedings are pending). Under the established case law, in order to determine custody of a child, Family Court Judges generally look at variety of factors that affect the child to determine what is in the best interests of the child.


     New York Courts are required to balance the ability of each parent to meet the needs of the child/children in his/her care.

      In determining custody, a judge will evaluate a number of factors, which may include: stability of each parent, child care arrangements, who was the primary care giver prior to separation, if there are any substance abuse concerns, physical and mental health of each parent, any instances of emotional or physical abuse, if there is any evidence of abuse, neglect or

abandonment of the child by one or both parents, child’s preference, finances of each parent and ability to support the child, conditions of the home environment, educational opportunities available to the child in each parent’s home. While this list of factors is pretty extensive, the

judges may also find other factors that may affect the best interests of the child/children and will consider them during the decision making process.


     Milana Tepermayster, Esq., has litigated hundreds of custody cases throughout the Hudson Valley. Not only is she in the best position to advise you as to your custodial rights, she is also the attorney you want to have represent you in a highly contested custodial matter.


     Milana Tepermayster, Esq., is a skilled litigator who  will put forth direct legal arguments before the judges, as well as presenting your case in highly desirable way during trial. Milana Tepermayster, Esq., as your attorney,  will always be prepared for a conference or a hearing. She will zealously represent your rights as a parent and will get you the best outcome possible with respect to your custody matter. 

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